A Sick And Tired Mama

Hubby just got over a nasty cold, how could I not picture that it would turn into a cluster fuck hell for me? The last time he got sick, DJ and I caught it at the same time…. And honestly he is the happiest sick baby you have ever met in your life. He still wants to play, yell, flirt and just be the DJ we all know and love. I have not yet learned how to take a cold like a mom, and I get a dulled down version of the man cold still. So, like last time, Hubby gets over his cold and Mommy and Baby get sick. But here is the kicker, mommy got it SO much worse than baby. Baby has a cough and the sniffles. But with his lung history we will be making an unannounced trip to the doctors office Monday morning. Mommy has strep through, which means there is no voice that comes out assertive or anything that a mom should sound like. I sound like a squeaky toy with a hole in it. I am glad to know that my son finds it funny when I have to yell at a cat or 3 for doing something they shouldn’t be doing, like being on the counters or scratching the furniture or just being the general ass holes we all know cats to be.

Its only been two days and I am extremly over all this BS of being sick. I mean who gets sick in the summer time when you go from a boiling house, to a boiling car, to a boiling parade outside? That just doesn’s compute in my mind, but again I am a terrible sick mom, I have yet to gain that thick hide that has me power through and DO what needs to be DONE. I was even going to make my first YouTube video this week, but its kinda hard when you sound like Mickey Mouses, Special little Brother on helium, and you have a constant stream of…. well you get the picture.

To add salt into my wound this week, my son had added a forth word to his vocabulary! We have upgraded from, “Hey”, “Hi”, and “Ya”… After months of getting him to try and say Mama, or Papa (My father in Law) or as my dad has tried so very very hard “Jim” (Because its easier than Grandpa). My sons new word is “Dada”, and dont get me wrong I Was super excited to hear it and get it on video. But thats the struggle with being a mom, you are at home 24 hours a day 7 days a week with your little man, taking care of him kissing the booboos, getting up at 1 am to feed him. And he says “dada”….

I praised my son and we did a happy dance, but the second his daddy came home, he went into daddys arms, mommy took a glass of wine and went into the tub. The boys can bond over his new word mommy needs a break. Ha Ha Ha.

Well now that my vision has gone blurry and my man child is calling cause DJ is coughing I must cut this entry short, pull my my mommy panties, suck up the strep and do what needs to be done…

Pray for me? Or even better send me wine! Lots and Lots of WINE.

Thank you!


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