Terrifying Day

Today was a day I never  thought I would have to live through.

All I did was go to the grocery store, with my son, he just started sitting in the child seat in the grocery cart and does a great job sitting like a big boy. And as we are walking around the store I start to see the same lady over and over again, I don’t think much of it. I arrive down an aisle and walk from the front of my cart where DJ was to the back to get some rice.

In those short moments that woman I saw before walks up to my cart starts talking to DJ and proceeds to pick him up. I shoot up from my squatting position and ask her what she was doing and to put my son down. She responds with but he was talking with me and looked like he wanted to play. She was still holding him.

I tell her again we don’t know who she is and to please put my son back in the cart. I make no movement towards her but she also makes no movement to leave, thank goodness. There was a dad with his boys in the aisle and were watching what was going on and came and stood behind me watching the lady with my son.

Once he was there, she started to slowly put him back in the cart and took off. I ran to my son and picked him up, the dad told his sons to stay with me and he went and got the manager who was on the phone with the police. I would never wish that situation on my worst enemy.

By the time the police got there she was gone, but they have her picture off the security camera and will contact me when they find her.

I would never want to live through that ever again and I am scared to go to the store alone again because of this. We are not sure if she was going to take him or just stand there and play with him but I wasn’t going to wait to figure it out.

But I do hope that woman does get the help she deserves before anyone else gets hurt. Even though my son just thought he was getting a new friend, and wasn’t hurt in the least its still scary to think about the could have beens.


One thought on “Terrifying Day

  1. Oh my gosh, that’s terrible! Even if it was really completely innocent with no harm intended… Wow. I can imagine the heart-dropping terror you must have felt in those few moments and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. So glad it all ended well!


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