Go The F*** To Sleep

My aunt bought me that book as a joke because she had heard the YouTube video of Samuel L. Jackson reading it and thought it was great. Needless to say she doesn’t have or want children but she is the best aunty you could ask for. I thought the book would never need to be used because we were blessed with a good sleeper once he was asleep. And the fight normally only lasts 20 minutes at MOST!!  But tonight at 3 am as I sit in my chair with a little boy who wants to play, a husband in a Nyquil coma to help with his cold, two out of the three cats fighting on the stairs and the third trying to steal DJs rattle ball from him, I find myself quoting the book. Wanting to read it to him, in hopes he will go the fuck to sleep so mommy can pass out next to daddy.

I love you but please just sleep? For a few hours… Just for mommy please?


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