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What I Have Learned About Baby Saving

As most parents know it is hard to budget when you have a little one and you are trying to save as much as you can but without sacrificing the quality of your child s food. I have been searching online and talking to other moms and I have found that formula wise, if your child’s tummy isn’t that fussy and you are running low on funds, Parents Choice formula is half price of most brands and is composed almost exactly like Imfamil, my son took to it like a dream and now instead of spending $55.00 every two weeks I am spending $25.00. (Just a heads up these are Canadian prices.) I use to think that $.80 a jar of baby food was a steal, until I started making some things at home.


My son would eat sweet potato pure all day and all night of you let him, and its the only way I can sneak all those other veggies in, by mixing them into the sweet potatoes. Well, like the bad mom I am we ran out of sweet potatoes but we had an actual sweet potato in the fridge, and for the purpose of this I bought that lone S.P. for $1.33, the cost of 2 ish jars of factory made food. With the S.P. from my fridge I was able to fill 8 empty jars and still have a touch left over. After I noticed that, I started buying a bit more produce on my trips to the store and the farmers markets, and I have saved another $112.00 every month on baby food. That is a total of $172.00 every month, and I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but in the 6 months I have started doing this I have been able to put a small savings account put aside for my son with that money. With that he has more money than me right now to burn……


Maybe I should have done something else with that money…. Like get mommy a pedicure or a professional massage… No, no, my sons Future is more important than those things….


Now If poop didn’t gross me out I would save more by switching to cloth diapers for when we are at home, but I don;t care for poop that much, to the point where my husband is the litter box man in our house for the cats. I mean if he has a blow out I will deal with it because I have to, but given the choice of rolling up the poop and throwing it away or rinsing it out of a cloth that was strapped to his butt, I will roll it up and throw it away. My girl friend has the patients and the stomach of a saint to deal with cloth diapers on a daily basis, and she has a great system as well. Do I know it…. well now, but I can find out later and let you know if you really wanna know.


But these are a few things I have learned on the fly.


Talk to You Soon



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