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Learning How To Juggle

This post is going to wrap up a few things I started in the Daycare Dilemma post from not that long ago….


After another meeting with the lady in the day home and Hubby meeting her we decided we were not going to go that route, instead we are going to drive this mommy who barely sleeps as it is into a deeper pit of no sleep. My husband is working days currently 7 am till 3:30 pm in town and I will be going back to work soon with my pick of any shift. I decided to work the 11:30 pm till 7:30 am shift, , for the time being that over lap is being taken care of by my mother and my girlfriend who is on Mat leave with her 3 month old for that small gap. I know it is not ideal but we will make it work.


Now on to other things,  I have never been the best house keeper in the world, or the best cook, I am far from super mom but recently I have had to learn how to do a lot with a little one with more appointments than most. I never had that nesting time before my little one came home, so I had my mom help me a lot while I spent my days at the hospital with DJ and dealing with all the meetings with the hospital. When I was at home I never focused on the house aspect of it all, I did do the basics like make a fast meal for me and Hubby, or laundry and of course take time out of my day for the fur babies that were feeling a bit neglected. I did feel bad for them, and I know cuddling and petting cats is suppose to lower your stress and blood pressure, but your mind is else were when you are dealing with your child in a very delicate position. When he did come home, it was on oxygen so I barely left him alone for longer than it took to run to the bathroom or make a sandwich because of the scary moments we had the first two times he did come home. I barely slept because I was scared he was going to have an episode in the middle of the night that I wouldn’t catch if I was sleeping. I think that’s where I learned to survive on 3 to 5 hours of sleep a night.


I know I might be taking a lot on by not only dealing with my son, working, keeping house, keeping Hubby happy, Blogging, and soon vlogging. No to mention all the Mommy groups, Preemie Groups, and Hospital meetings I still need to attend, but I can do this with the help of my handy handy day planner, Hubby and the stress relieving trio of Cats. I have always found my sanity in writing, whether I am good at it or not, it helps me keep my thoughts as organized as they can get. My writing style is this due to the advice my 3rd grade teacher gave me, she told me “since you like to talk, write like you would talk. Not how you think it should sound.” I do talk like this, my friends can confirm for sure.


This blog was originally intended to become a community for fellow preemie parents struggling and a place that we could make friends and exchange stories and struggles. But we lucked out with our little ex 24-weeker, and we don’t relate to a lot of the moms who have to quit their jobs to be a stay at home mom for their little one who has a few more struggles to over come. My heart goes out to them and I feel they are strong and the definition of a super mom, and I would love to hear from them and share their stories if they wanted. But getting back on topic, seeing as we are as blessed as we are, I am just going to treat this just as it is, my blog about My family and our daily struggles, tips and ideas I have found out by sheer dumb luck or from our parents. I am looking forward to sharing DJs milestones with you and I hope you enjoy sharing them with me.


Now about my vlog that I am going to try and start soon, I will posting embedded links on here once I start posting. I am also telling you from the start I am the chubby Mommy, I do not look like the other moms on YouTube and I am OK with that because I am OK with me, Hubby loves me for me and so does my son. Moving on again, I also do not have the most sophisticated software for it but I will make it work. The reason I want to vlog and blog is because, like I said before I type like I talk and I figured there may be a week where I just want to talk to you rather than type it out and I can introduce you to my son and family via video.  I know I have changed my mind and over explained what I want this to be more than a few times but that’s because I failed the main rule of blogging, know what you want to write about before you start it. Well I have never been one for rules.


Ok it is now 12:30 Edmonton time and I have meetings with my office and Mommy Groups in the morning as well as 3 appointments to make my NICU sane book for the NICU we spent so long in.


Thank you again for putting up with all this babbling and clearing up of a few things. I hope to hear feedback from a few of you. Thank you.


Ashton Taylor


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