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I have never been involved in so many meetings in my life until this week, and I work in an office! Due to the amount of complications we had upon discharge from the NICU (And the fact this mommy rose more than a little hell to get answers) we have been having regular meetings and figuring out where the ball was dropped on our sons care. During that time we have been invited to be apart of a pilot project that our hospital is putting into place to make sure no more children slip through the cracks in certain cases. It was fun to see how those sessions come to fruition and being a active part in that, we were also invited to be a part of a focus group at our neonatal premature follow up clinic. There I got to see families I haven’t seen since we were in Level III NICU care, and we all got to share our thoughts and opinions with specialist in hopes to change something for the better.


I love having my voice heard and making a difference, but at the same time I like my sleep, and between my son, my bigger son husband with a man cold, and these meetings I miss sleep. Thank god for over eager grandparents who always want to take the young one fore a night or two…. Now if only I could find a sitter for Hubby I would be set tomorrow…. Any takers?

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