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The Night Time Fight

I love bed time, its the best time of day for me. I can relax and sleep off the troubles of the day, until you have kids.

Then its time to fight with them to go to sleep, they can be 5 months to 15 years old its still going to be a fight. But its not every night that there is a fight, just most nights and they are the nights you want to go to bed. Because thats what children do, they suck every last bit of energy out of you and see how long they can kick you till you snap.


Some parents last longer than others, dads give in before moms, so I have noticed. My son is fighting sleep right now, I can walk out of the room, close the door and enjoy a short TV show and not feel bad about it. Mom knows he is clean not hungry and not thirsty, but so tired he wants to fight it every step of the way. With an audience the fight last longer, Dad is always the audience, he is weak and gives in to the child’s demands. I refer to my son as the CEO of the house, when mommy is gone, because Daddy will rush to his beck and call and do everything my son wants ( or thinks he wants, an infant doesn’t explain demands very well.)

Right now DJ is getting his way with Hubby and I am letting that ship sink itself.




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