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Downsides Of Baby Books

I just finished catching up on my sons baby book for the past 6 eventful months of our life being at home from the hospital for good, and I noticed something. There are almost no Preemie baby books! As a mom we love to regale people in tales of things our baby have done and accomplished, to the point where its annoying but we also like to fill out the baby book when we remember. When your little one was born 4 months early, he isn’t going to hit the milestones a normal 4 month old would in the baby book.  Back in the day Premature birth wasn’t as common as it is these days so there may have not been a need. But in North America alone one in ten births is premature!

In the USA 4 Million babies are born each year that’s 400,000 a year that are premature, that’s the national average for 2011. Canada in 2011 there was 377,292 babies born, that means around 38,000 were premature. That’s a lot of tiny miracle babies born in 2011, and with the incline of births each year that’s and incline in premature births. I think that warrants a preemie baby book in some manner.

I am sure there is a preemie baby book but I haven’t seen one so I have been using a regular baby book and its happy but sad at the same time for me. But the memories of what he did at 8 months old make me smile because he figured out how to yell! Because he really is a 4 month old baby at that time. If you are not a preemie parent I will break this down for you.

When you have a preemie, depending on how early you have them, you will be given an adjusted age and, of course, the actual age of your little one. Because my son was 4 months early he is 11 months actual but 7 months adjusted, so all his milestones are watched via his adjusted age. He will be 4 months behind until he is about 2 years old, that’s when they say everything should be caught up and we can gauge everything he does like any other 2 year old.


OK that’s enough on the learning end of this blog post, I should be enjoying a mommy and daddy night away from the little one but the Hubby had to work all weekend so its just me and the cats for 2 whole days which is how I found the time to do the baby book and start writing this blog post. I know my posts are all over the place, its because I am still new at this and I am new at being a mom as well so finding time to do anything longer than 15 to 30 minutes is hard for me. I have always been a person who wrote down everything they were feeling and found it therapeutic in some manner of the word, but with this whole parenting thing and parenting a preemie no less there isn’t much time to sit down and write. I know I started this blog of complaining that there were no preemie baby books to be found, I rattled off stats, well after I did that I dropped my son off at my parents house and went to get groceries. The reason why I am taking 5 days to write is because that’s how long it takes me to write one post which is why you get 4 to 5 topics in one post. I am hoping I will get the hang of this soon.


Please hang with me. And let me know your feedback and your ideas on how to streamline this blog.





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