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I know it has been months since I was on here and I do apologize. I am going to start doing this more than once every few months, and I will be working on my own youtube channel as well to post videos on here. But I will fill you in on everything that has been going on with our happy little Preemie Family since last October.

On Thursday, October 16th 2014 we got the news that we could take our happy little man home from the NICU, he was on Oxygen and we were told he would be on it for a long while because of all the scar tissue on his lungs. The Home care people came and set up out home oxygen equipment and taught myself. my husband and my mom how to use all the fun things and what to do in emergencies.


On Friday October 17th, it was my first day home all alone with my happy little man, his respiratory therapist was due to show up at 1 pm to do a follow up and see how I was adjusting with him and then come back once a week as needed. He was very sleeping and very pale while at home and I didn’t think anything out of the ordinary because I always was told in the hospital and by many new moms that babies do sleep a lot. He wasn’t eating as much as he did in the hospital but I again chocked it up to him being in a new place and getting use to the quiet. At one the RT showed up and was hooking him up to the pulse ox meter to see if he was doing ok, there was no reading, she started to watch his breathing and noticed his color. As she was watching him, he flat out stopped breathing and went grayish blue hue. I called 911 and she performed CPR on my little boy right on my bedroom floor. As I was on the phone with 911 I put our cats in the basement and opened my front door for the first responders.


Our RT got him breathing and crying just as the first responders came in and I gave them his long medical history, they loaded him up in the ambulance I called my mom and she called my husband and everyone met at the NICU where we were readmitted for 48 hour observation. Once there his color was great he was happy and hungry regular Bowel movements, they observed him for just over 48 hours and  that Sunday we got to bring him home again. My Husband and I unloaded him and all his things, got  him settled and gave him a bath, and again he was lethargic and not wanting to eat again. My husband was holding him when he stopped breathing again and went blue. It was only 4 hours after being released and we had to call 911 again, I performed CPR on my son, and kept his heart going until the first responders got there and got him alert. We were again admitted to the NICU and kept there for 15 days then we were moved to the Stollery Children’s Hospital for another 33 days.

We finally got to go home and got to stay home, after 157 days in the NICU and 33 days in the Children’s Hospital, and only 6 weeks after that we were off the oxygen completely. I have been working with the Royal Alexandra NICU to figure out what was missed and caused us to be readmitted twice to the NICU and have a prolonged hospital stay. We have been home since December 3rd, 2014 and just getting into a routine. Now that we have been on one for a while I am going to working on this more regularly. I am aiming for a weekly post and starting in 2 months a video on our Channel as well. Once that’s all set and done I will post a link.

Thank you for your patients and I will post again soon.


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