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I am a happy person but what I have been going through this past month has been such a test of my patience. I have found such love and support from my husband and his family as well as my own. But I am overwhelmed by the support from the other mothers and father in the NICU both currently there and those who have moved on to finally raise their children away from the bings and bongs and other babies crying. But I have not found a community that left it open for people just blog sites and i understand this is pretty much looking like the same thing but I wont talk all about my family but I will talk about things that are interesting that I have learned on the NICU as well as research that I have found interesting. I will not post any of that unless I get it confirmed by my NICU doctor, NP, or fellow. I will try and keep what I post accurate to the best of my ability. This type of thing keeps me relaxed and a reason what I wanted to start this site, i have a twitter and a Facebook pages started for people to communicate and anyone can email and I will post what I can at least once a week on information and once a week with an update on my little guy. I wanted to start a community for us to talk and for everyone to get to know people in the same place they are now or had been. I have a contact box on the site and if you would like to talk to me and share experiences or have questions I can answer privately or on here. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.


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